the connected watch Smartphone bluetooth 4.0 Cookoo Watch

Cookoo smartphone connected Stay connected anytime, anywhere with the COOKOO watch—the wearable extension of your smartphone that helps manage your connected life.

Cookoo smartphone watchRetail price: R1,699 (incl vat, and delivery)
Available in South Africa and supplied by - South Africa's only one-stop online shop for the urban man. Free delivery to all major cities in SA.


Have you ever missed a call because you couldn’t hear your phone? Or found yourself constantly checking for a new text, email, or Facebook message? The COOKOO watch will let you know what’s happening on your phone in real time — even if you can’t see or reach it.

Along with the COOKOO CONNECTED APP™, the COOKOO watch is designed to simplify your life. That is why the COOKOO watch has a beautifully designed analog watch face with easy to read icons to display the information you need anywhere, anytime. The smart, user-friendly interface will easily keep you connected and help manage your phone, apps, and social networks.

The COOKOO App keeps you in control of the alerts and notifications you receive on the COOKOO watch. Customize the setting based on your lifestyle. Select which notifications you want to receive and whether you want to be notified by an icon, beep, or vibration.

With the COOKOO App, you can receives notifications of

  1. - Incoming calls
  2. - Missed calls
  3. - Facebook messages and posts
  4. - Twitter mention
  5. - Calendar reminders
  6. - Your device is out of range
  7. - Low battery on iPhone or iPad
  8. - Alarm and Timer alert
  9. - By a press of button, you can remote what to do…
  • - One-button Facebook Check-in : Allows you to share where you are in the fastest way

Remote Photos/Videos taking : Perfect for taking group shots!

One-button Music Control : Press the COMMAND button to play or pause the music, or hold the button to skip to the next song.

Tag location at any time : Tag your current location on the COOKOO App’s map—later you can add notes, pictures, and even share your map with others.

Fine your phone : If you know your phone is around but you just can’t seem to find it, simply press a button to sound an alert and locate it. …and more as the CONNECTED APP develops!

The COOKOO watch uses Bluetooth® 4.0 LE wireless technology and is compatible with the latest Bluetooth SMART READY devices such as iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad mini, iPad (4th & 3rd generation), iPod touch (5th generation). More devices will be announced in the near future. 

Extra-long battery life and no charging!

Typical smart watches require weekly or even daily recharging. TheCOOKOO watch does not need to be recharged and uses a standard CR2032 button-cell battery that is easy to replace by yourself and without special tools. The COOKOO watch reminds you when your phone’s battery is getting low so you can get to a charger before your phone goes dead.

You are always in control!

The COOKOO watch displays what you need to know at a glance.The COOKOO watch puts just enough information to your wrist so you won’t miss a critical message. The COOKOO watch will never intrude or disrupt. Just press the “MODE” button to mute the audible alerts or to turn the vibrations on or off. One simple press of a button on the COOKOO watch will sound an alert on your phone so you can find it quickly.

Always enjoy new updates

The COOKOO connected watch was just the beginning.  Our work didn’t stop there or even when the first or second versions of the COOKOO App came out.  Look at it this way, the watch is only the hardware. The soul and spirit of COOKOO actually lies in the App itself. With the release of API to third party developers, sky’s the limit for what we can do with COOKOO watch. 
For enhanced experience with COOKOO, stay tuned for all the app updates in the weeks and months to come! Currently support English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portugese, Turkish, Polish, Czech, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.